LGC has given me many opportunities to be a part of a team, working toward shared goals and to challenge myself musically and organizationally.
— Elaine Cotton

Who we are

Lions Gate Chorus is a vibrant community of over 100 women from all walks of life who love to sing. We are doctors, mothers, teachers, retirees, students, lawyers, pharmacists, executives, managers, writers, designers, photographers, nurses … it would be safe to say that we represent most vocations that come to mind.

What we offer

We are not only a singing community, but an educational one too! We provide music education to all members as well as opportunity to become leaders and be mentored in positions of leadership. We are a safe, accepting, and positive environment where women can be themselves, show their strengths, and develop new ones without fear of judgement.

Why partner

Lions Gate Chorus is the 2017 International Silver Medal Chorus. Yes, International! We are a member chorus of Sweet Adelines which hosts an annual International Competition. As Regional Gold Medalists, we compete on the International stage biennially. This means that this September we will be going for gold in New Orleans!

Besides our International pedigree, we are a very popular and connected group.

  • 100+ women (members) from all walks of life ages 19 - 65+

    • While most members reside in the Lower Mainland, some members travel from Kelowna, Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, Calgary, Blaine, and Bellingham. We even have 2 part-time members from Perth, Australia!

  • 3100+ followers on Facebook (member shares not accounted for)

    • Average Facebook post reach of 1000

    • 80% of followers are Women ages 18 - 65+

    • 2300+ in Canada and the US


Our Donors

We are so thankful to all of our sponsors for making it possible for us to bring our music to you!

Benefactor - $5000 - $10000
Cammi MacKinlay

Patron - $1000 to $4999
Sylvia Melville
Carol Waldmann
Carollyne Conlinn
Joy Bruce

Sponsor - $500 - $999
Kat Webster
Sue Forbes
Klara Sztopa
Brenda Birch
Janice Benna

Ambassador - $250 - $499
Gerry Harber

Our Corporate Sponsors

Thank you Coast Hotels and in particular the Coast Bastion Hotel Nanaimo for your generosity in providing silent auction items for our recent events.