I go to Lions Gate every week because the chance to have 100+ sisters and to help create such sublime music must not be wasted!
— Sue Elder

Welcome to Lions Gate Chorus


When you walk into the halls of a Lions Gate rehearsal an energy surrounds you, the rich brilliant sound envelops you and over 100 women singing in nearly perfect a cappella harmony raises every hair on your arms.

A stunning ballad, exquisite detail in every note portraying a deep character and story that leaves your heart beating faster.

An uptune, the chorus erupts into sound and movement!  The front row slides into a slinky, sultry dance leaving you breathless.

Lions Gate Chorus is a vibrant community of over 100 women from all walks of life who love to sing. From students to lawyers, business owners to homemakers, we are a community of strong, caring women who believe in the community we create together. We are a safe, accepting, and positive environment where women have the freedom to be themselves, show their strengths and develop new ones without fear of judgment. By working together every week with the common goal of musical and performance excellence, we build strong bonds that continue outside of the rehearsal hall.  

Our members not only contribute to the chorus vocally and visually, but many perform in smaller ensembles, work on our board of directors and music teams, perform odd jobs on committees, or just provide a friendly hug to a fellow risermate when needed. This is a place where everyone matters.


A Rich History

1954 March 1  Charter.jpg

Founded in 1954, Lions Gate Chorus is the longest-standing Canadian chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a worldwide organization of women singing in the barbershop style.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, this award winning choir has consistently climbed the ranks in the competition world. They have repeatedly earned gold medals at the Western Canadian Regional competitions, consistently improving their score over the years.

Through their commitment to the musical education and vocal skill development of every member, they have climbed up the International ranks, consistently finishing in the top five since Calgary in 2007. In October, 2017, they took to Las Vegas with new music and an exciting top ten package which they unleashed on the world and earned a second place International medal!

Musical Director Sandy Robinson Marron has been with the chorus for over 27 years, and her leadership inspires the chorus to strive for excellence at every rehearsal and performance. This show choir’s innovative choreography, created by Swede Janne Alexandersson, supports the musical plan while showing off their strong and sexy persona. Not content to simply hone her talents at home, Sandy travels extensively throughout the world coaching other groups to new levels of excellence.

Known for their touching ballads, explosive uptunes, and exciting pop music in 4-part a cappella harmony, Lions Gate Chorus is always an audience favourite.