LGC has given me a home for my voice, a stage for performing, opportunities to grow and stretch myself, and best of all - an energetic, fun community that feels like family.
— Jan Carley


Who we are

Lions Gate Chorus is a vibrant community of over 100 women from all walks of life who love to sing. We are doctors, mothers, teachers, retirees, students, lawyers, pharmacists, executives, managers, writers, designers, photographers, nurses … it would be safe to say that we represent most vocations that come to mind.

What we offer

We are not only a singing community for women, but an educational one too! We provide music education to all members as well as opportunity to become leaders and be mentored in positions of leadership. We are a safe, accepting, and positive environment where women can be themselves, show their strengths, and develop new ones without fear of judgement.

Have a listen


Official Downloads

The following PDF files are available to you for download. Please credit photographer where noted in image caption below (on hover).


Semi Finals Performance

Every 2 years, Lions Gate competes on the International stage. A two song semi-final performance on the Thursday of International week is judged by a panel and the top 10 performances move into the Finals round on Saturday.

This semi-finals performance in 2019 (New Orleans) qualified us to compete in the Finals.

Finals Performance

The choruses that advance to the finals perform a 15 minute entertainment package. Lions Gate is known for their excellent writing and production of audience favourite finals packages. All props are designed and made by members of the chorus.

This finals performance in 2019 (New Orleans) earned us the Silver medal and the audience choice award.

Lions Gate Chorus 2017 - © Read Photography

Lions Gate Chorus 2017 - © Read Photography