I never knew that music like this was accessible to me, I’m not trained and I cannot read music. But that doesn’t matter, the tools I need are available to me, the support I need is available to me and every week I feel I grow musically.
— Sarah Kayne

Join us... 

Imagine walking into a room of 100+ friends, with whom you share a strong bond built from both weekly rehearsals where you hone your vocal craft and bi-annual retreats where you work hard to leap to new performance levels and play hard (or just relax with a drink and a snack) afterwards with your riser mates.

Imagine instead of your voice being a static identity that doesn't change, it becomes a fluid, dynamic instrument that continually evolves, developing more depth and beauty every week, reaching levels of excellence that you can’t even imagine

Imagine a repertoire so varied that each time a new song is introduced you are on the edge of your seat. Will it be a jazz tune from the 40's, soul from the 60's, current pop or Broadway?  Your musical palette will be filled with variety that will spark your interest every week.


Come out and experience Lions Gate during a weekly rehearsal - you can try singing with this exciting group of women and see what it feels like! We rehearse every Tuesday at 7:00pm.  Click here for location

Read about the process to join and audition below.



Lions Gate Chorus is a vibrant community of over 100 women from all walks of life who love to sing. From students to lawyers, business owners to homemakers, we are a community of strong, caring women who believe in the community we create together. We are a safe, accepting, and positive environment where women have the freedom to be themselves, show their strengths and develop new ones without fear of judgment. By working together every week with the common goal of musical and performance excellence, we build strong bonds that continue outside of the rehearsal hall.  

Our members not only contribute to the chorus vocally and visually, but many of these ladies perform in smaller ensembles called quartets, work tirelessly on our board of directors and music teams, perform odd jobs on committees, or just provide a friendly hug to a fellow risermate when needed. 


Process to join

There is nothing like becoming a member of Lions Gate Chorus! Being welcomed in song by your sister lionesses … it is truly something awesome.

When you come to your first rehearsal, you will be voice-placed to determine what vocal part you could sing. Part of the placement will include your ability to sing harmony, and to hold a melody against a harmony part singing with you.  

After your voice placement, you will be given music and a temporary place to stand on the risers next to someone who sings the same part. Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to practice singing your music on the risers with the chorus. Should you choose to audition, you will be asked to sing your part against the other voice parts.

The audition process requires that you be able to carry a tune (i.e. stay in pitch), and to be able to hold your tune against a harmony line. If you aren't sure whether or not you can do this, come on out and give it a try - we're happy to help you out, teach you a bit, and when you're ready to audition, you can give it a go!  Email us to learn more!