Representing Lions Gate Chorus, Pacific Sound Chirus, and CAL R13

Baritone: Diane Lee
Lead: Laurie Hofmann
Bass: Cathy Hollander
Tenor: Kathryn Woodford

From the Quartet: Upside is a sparkling new quartet, excited to join our Canadian sisters on stage in the Region 26 contest! All Washington residents, we chose our name because we like to look for the silver lining in every situation. We’re having a great time getting to know each other and creating a new, ringy sound.

Kathy Woodford (Tenor)
After singing in A Cappella Joy and Pride of Portland, Kathy joined the incredible Lions Gate Chorus just two years ago. She sang in Sunbreak Quartet for six years in Region 13, and she’s so happy to be singing in this fun new quartet.

Laurie Hofmann (Lead)
The sister of our bari, Diane, Laurie has enjoyed watching barbershop shows for many years. She sang with Diane in a fun quartet called “Limited Edition” for a brief stint, and she’s been a lead singer in worship bands and Top 40 bands throughout her life. Laurie is enjoying this new venture and learning as fast as she can.

Diane Lee (Bari)
When Diane joined Sweet Adelines in 2010, she started out singing in Region 13 with Voices Northwest Chorus. She’s also sung in Pacific Sound, Song of Seattle, and now the mighty Lions Gate Chorus. Diane has competed in several quartets in Region 13, and is very excited to be singing with Upside. Diane and her sister, Laurie (our lead!), have sung together most of their lives, and they are thrilled to finally have this opportunity to sing in a barbershop quartet together.

Cathy Hollander (Bass)
Cathy grew up surrounded by the barbershop sound as her mom sang tenor in a Harmony Inc. chorus and several quartets. But Cathy’s interest in singing didn’t start until she was 18. She has sung in several choruses and quartets throughout the years. After many years busy with other opportunities, Cathy is thrilled to be singing again, having recently joined the phenomenal Lions Gate Chorus, which then led to the wonderful experience of singing with these amazing women in Upside! We are enjoying the journey!

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