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Representing Lions Gate Chorus

Lead: Allison Young
Tenor: Emily Holtorf
Baritone: Camille Musseau
Bass: Sheryl Beach

We are a super new quartet, created in that last part of 2018. We have an expansive age range from the decade of: 20's, 30's, 40's and 60 something!! We have learned early about collaboration and points of view. We appreciate that we are each piece of the quartet puzzle bringing our own value with the goal of creating "harmony". Our light glows because Camille Musseau first mentioned starting a quartet and she lit the path to us to find each other. Camille graciously changed from lead to Baritone both with our quartet and chorus and loves it- so do we! Emily Holtorf-Ma has also moved from Lead to Tenor, and we could not be happier. Allison brings her melodious Lead, whose voice we all admire. And as for me, (Cheryl) well..." it's all about the Bass,'bout the Bass" isn't it???

A quote from Jan Arden, "It is an honor and a privilege to be here, on this mountain of knowledge, on this horizon of possibility". We are blessed to be singing together, excited about our journey and the many new adventures that are waiting for us just over the Horizon!

Photo Credit: Milos Tosic ©2019